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Look for adding your reply at the the bottom of page and ask for your personal Zen koan. Just give me the name of a celebrity (that I know), a politician, animal or event and I will write a personal koan for you, based on the information provided. Or you may even try to write one yourself. Please leave your e-mail address also.


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Posted September 27, 2011 by Loveiam Books

5 responses to “You can add your Reply/Comment here: Koan anyone?

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  1. Make me a koan for Tony Blair

    • Tony Blair asked the Zen Master:
      “I was a good friend of George Bush
      He forced me to enter the war against Iraq”
      The Zen master replied:
      “I know you didn’t go to school with him
      You would have known him by then”

  2. I like a koan for the Greek Prime Minister

  3. The Greek Prime Minister asked the Zen Master:
    “Our economy is in a mess
    Will it get better
    When I sit at your feet
    And get enlightened?”
    The Zen master replied:
    “Plato and Sokrates
    Already sit at my feet
    But my feet don’t get any cleaner”

  4. PM Yingluck asked the Zen master:
    “I will be going to Burma for a state visit
    I don’t have time to meet with Aung San Suu Kyi
    Will that be a problem
    On my path to Enlightenment?”
    The Zen master replied:
    “Thai prime ministers never visit Aung San Suu Kyi
    Business is more profitable with dictators
    May be you are afraid to learn something from her
    In Thailand you learn nothing
    That is why you stay in power
    But Enlightenment has its own way
    Of looking at Thai politics”

    Excerpt from Rainer Loveiam’s new book
    “When The Zen Dust Settles – Zen Korans of a Retired Zen Master” (Book 2)

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